Timbuktu Attractions - Tuareg Doors and Commemorative Plaques

The plaque commemorating Major Gordon Laing - the first European to reach Timbuktu ..
on a newly mudded wall, as can be seen by all the marks left by the mudders' fingers.

"Now keep still and pose for the Toubab, my son !!"

A plaque commemorating Rene Cailliť .. the first European to survive the journey
and return home to his native France to tell the tale .. who arrived in Timbuktu in 1828.

A slightly older door beneath the plaque of D. W. Berky

Henrich Barth .. the third European,
a German, who arrived in the City in 1853

D.W Berky .. the first American to reach Timbuktu in 1912

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