Musee National du Niger - The National Museum of Niger

Neatly laid out gardens with one of the Pavilions in the background.

A huge Hippopotamus, munching happily on dried grass.

A pair of noisy but friendly Bush Pigs

A Kuri Bull .. a special breed of cattle, originating from the area around Lake Chad, famous for the enormous width of their horns. Pure bred examples of the breed are increasingly under the threat of extinction, due to desertification and the narrowing of the lake, which is destroying their natural environment. This has forced their nomad breeders towards the banks of the lake and further, in search of new pastures, thus making contact with Arab and M'Bororo Zebu breeds, which has led to much uncontrolled crossbreeding.
A full-sized 'model' of a mud-block village can be seen in the background.

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