Farewell Taiwan and Home to the UK

Just time to stock up with essentials at the local 7-eleven ......

...... before heading out of Tainan  towards Taipei Airport .. for my flight back to the UK

These beautiful wreaths, on display outside shops by the side of the road, were inauguration wreaths.
The words on the wreaths mean wishing - the store keeper - prosperity and wealth.

The store name is written on the right, and the donator's name is written on the left.
The writing in the middle - the most important part of the wreath - is the message of good wishes to the recipient.
The first two Chinese characters in the middle line translate to business, trade and money-making. Although the other words differ on each wreath, their meanings are wishing a prosperous, thriving and flourishing business.
It is a good idea giving these useful phrases to your business partner for the future.
Grateful thanks to my good friend Wayne in Taiwan, for this and other useful translation information he has kindly provided
also to Azure from Guangzhou International for her invaluable help.

A typically colourful sight to end my visit, during which I marvelled at some stunningly beautiful
Views of the Orient ... which I hope you have also enjoyed.