Kruger National Park - Day 2 - Wildlife

Equally at home inside the protective fencing was this Vervet Monkey ...

and a fairly sizeable Monitor Lizard.

A few Elephants were partially visible on the far bank, but not close enough to photograph ..
so we set off down the road and were soon spoilt for choice with amazing scenes.

A large herd of Water Buffalo were crossing this stream .. which made such a splendid sight
I just had to step out of the car to take a panoramic picture .. click
HERE to see it.

Although intent on getting a good picture, I had stayed close to the car.
Luckily so, as on turning round to get back inside, I found that I wasn't the only one doing the looking and had become the object of attention of one of the most dangerous animals in Africa,
who had sneaked up behind me.
Others have not been so lucky as you can see in this You Tube
video and this ( not for those of a nervous disposition ) absolutely amazing video which shows just how tough these animals are.

He didn't look as those he would smile for a close-up picture .. so we beat a hasty retreat !!