Street Scenes of St. Louis - Sénégal - December 2005
My return journey from Nouakchott to Banjul in The Gambia was by bush taxi via Rosso, St. Louis, Touba and Kaolack.
Nouakchott to Rosso 3 hours (1,200 Ouguiya) - Rosso to St. Louis 2 hours (CFA 1,200) - St. Louis to Kaolack 4.5 hours (CFA 6,700) - Kaolack to the Gambian border 2 hours (CFA 1800) - Gambian border to Banjul variable (55 Dalasis)
I took the opportunity to spend longer in St. Louis and discover more of its charms .. recording some colourful street scenes and luckily finding some beautiful bead specimens at a trade bead show in one of the hotels by the riverside.
All in all .. my experiences of the Summer and the Winter of 2005 in Mauritania were unforgettable.
I will leave you to view the pictures on the following pages, congratulate you on your fortitude in reaching this far and hope you have enjoyed my story. Soon ( Summer 2006 ) I will fly to The Gambia and then onward for a return visit to Nouakchott and my friends in Mauritania .. what happened and what 'treasures' I found .. I can now tell you here.

The lovely Haddy with some superb antique Kiffa beads .. at her bead exhibition in the Hotel Flamingo

Some of her beads on display. Clockwise from the top right: New production Kiffa beads
1500's 7-layer Venetian Chevrons / Antique Kiffa beads / German glass spheres / Hebron beads
and 1800s Venetian bicones. A bead collector's dream collections.

Young goats at sunset

A few more of their cousins on the opposite riverbank

Just like the Pied Piper of Hamlin .. this drummer walked through the streets with a flock of young children following him. His previously smiling demeanour changed to one of nasty and persistent avarice
as he later pursued me along the beach, demanding a great deal of money from me for taking the photo.
"I will advertise your drumming skills and your character," I told him. I just have !!