Evening street scenes of St. Louis - Sénégal

Baby goats oblivious to all the noise and movement around them

Hustle and bustle after a shower of rain .. with the evening light bringing out the colours ......

..... of the peoples' clothing and the faded grandeur of the French Colonial architecture.

Water melons on sale by the thousand.

 Restaurant 'Le Coup de Torchon', Rue Blaise Diagne ( Tel: +221 961 84 94 ) St. Louis Island.

My two weeks of travel were over .. looking for a tasty meal and some musical entertainment on my last evening, I found the Restaurant 'Le Coup de Torchon'. Celebrating with a very pleasant meal, accompanied by live musical entertainment and excellent service from Laure and her friendly staff .. it was a good way of starting to blend back into a European environment.. but whilst sitting there in comfort, I couldn't help thinking about the stark differences between our lives in the so-called 'developed world' and those of the desert people we had met.
Many of us take for granted a constant supply of electricity, fresh water, a more than ample choice of foodstuffs and material goods, instant communications and protection from the elements, in mild climatic conditions.
Once, I could not understand how anyone could survive, or why anyone would possibly want to live in the often harsh conditions of the Sahara Desert. I had not seen it at its best .. and whilst many people have no choice of where they live .. there are certainly many more compensations than I had at first realised on my previous visit.
Mauritania and the Sahara Desert are different - fascinatingly so - St. Louis is a gem .. both needing some time to be properly experienced and enjoyed. I hope to return and to be able to share more of their charms with you.

Luckily I did return as planned .. you can read all about those experiences