On the road to Boumdeit - Mauritania (2)
Click HERE for a Panoramic view of some typical Sahara Desert Flora

Perhaps Toyota might like to use this picture in their future advertising .. for a reasonable fee !!

A multitude of hues radiating from this Dung Beetle

Stopping at a small village to capture this lovely scene for posterity ......

..... we found ourselves in conversation with some of the villagers. They do not normally see many Toubabs and wanted to know why we were there, what we were looking for, where we came from and a hundred other questions. When they learnt we were interested in beads .. a few of them scurried off in various directions on what eventually were mostly unsuccessful hunts for beads to show us.

Whilst we were waiting for the bead hunters to return, they showed us their working traditional oven. Suddenly a car screeched to a halt beside Gabriel, two guys leapt out and started excitedly talking to him

After some discussion, it turned out that as Gabriel's Toyota was white, they had assumed we were part of the locally based International Medical Mission and had come to collect an old man, who was lying in the shade a few metres away .. looking very sickly and evidently suffering from Cholera. They were very worried and had been expecting the medics to come and take him to the Hospital in Kiffa for treatment.
We apologised for not being the people they were waiting for, asked them to pass on our very best wishes to the man for his successful recovery and thanked our lucky stars we had not accepted any local drinks !!