The Town of Kiffa - Mauritania (3)

Following a kind invitation to view a lady making Kiffa beads, we were guided into the oldest part of town

Noticing the damage to the mud-block walls and houses from the previous summer's rainy season

When finaces allow, the local people rebuild with cement blcks, as can be seen on the left of the picture

Local 'Kung Fu fanatics' in training - hiding the beaming smiles of before and after the photo was taken !

Who would have guessed that under this tent, modern versions of the fabled Kiffa beads were being produced by Ghayda and her friendly family ? Click HERE for the full story.

One of the Mothers in this extended family wanted me to take a photograph of her, her daughter and
her baby son .. but sadly local custom forbids ladies having their faces photographed by 'strangers'.

However, no such customs apply to the menfolk, so here is the equally proud Father
( local toothbrush - a twig cut from a bush - in mouth ) and his handsome son