BJ Kunda - House Pictures (2)
Tintinto - The Gambia - January 2015


Medicine cabinet


Ceiling - or lack of one - throughout the house.

Entrance to the storerooms

Outer / larger storeroom - which has been cleaned and tidied up and kept locked until Malik can move in soon. Back storeroom door and spare generators in corner.

Storeroom door to outside .. one full crate of soft drinks shared amongst the children . . 6 crates of empties.

Ladders and tables kept locked up inside

Army pictures

Buffalos certificate of membership and wedding photo

Storeroom certificates

Enlargement of wedding photo

Rear storeroom .. anything of value found in the front storeroom has been put in here.

Rear storeroom

Skis between pillars - chainsaw and radio, both defunct

Ice skates, mountain climbing boots and wellies